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We offer private coaching to prepare students for the annual YAGP and other national and international competitions.  Coaching begins in August and continues up to the competition dates. Candidates interested in competing need to make an appointment with the Directors to discuss the opportunity.



World Ballet Art Competition (Semi Finals - San Diego)

Group C (Ages:14-16) - Classical

3nd Place -  Katherine Derkach

Group B (Ages:11-13)- Classical

1st Place - Mckenna Johnson
6th Place - Devin Mar 

Group B (Ages:11-13)- Contemporary

2nd Place - Mckenna Johnson

Group A (Ages:8-10)- Classical

3rd Place - Dasha Derkach

Group A (Ages:8-10)- Contemporary
3rd Place - Daphne Mar

Best Teacher Award - Georgi & Tara Rusafov

YAGP (Semi Finals - Denver)

Senior Contemporary 

Top 12 - Katherine Derrkach


Pre-Competitive Contemporary

3rd Place - Devin Mar

YAGP (Semi Finals - Phoenix)

Senior Classical 

Top 12 - Katherine Derrkach

Senior Contemporary 

2nd Place - Savannah Goebel

Junior Contemporary
Top 12 - Summer Vu